Time heals?

I don’t think that time
heals anything
It simply allows memories to fade
To nothingness, to

I believe rather that we choose
To heal
Or not to heal

Strong words?
Perhaps so
But all that time does is keep moving
If we don’t make the bold choice to move with it
We simply get left behind by it


Musical Eyes

Transparent eyes should be illegal
Because if you’re lucky, you see through them and into a soul
Giving birth to a bond that will never easily be broken

They can capture, they draw you into danger
A siren’s song, with rocks hidden below
Drawn like a moth to a flame
Is being burnt inevitable?

Sometimes it’s as if I look into a heart and a mirror at once
There is no filter or mask that can protect me
No band-aid

Yet I embrace that fear, knowing full well that the separation
That will inevitably come
Will bring death to a part of my own soul

Filled with joy, eyes like that they bring me happiness
Peace in them brings wonder

Fill them with love and defenselessness strikes
Feeling numb – Words stutter out as one struck dumb

Filled with pain, they make me want to reach in and hug their soul
Brimming with tears, they unwind me

But worst of all, filled with hope, they ignite my hope

A fierce desire to protect, that if that trust should turn out to be misplaced
Or be just another a mirage
The eyes of hopelessness will return
“Please don’t get hurt again” I scream silently

Eyes like that make me want to find somewhere to plug myself in

Set up a gentle Reverb
Add a shadowy echo, step up the deepest bass
And a touch of overdrive just to make things a bit warm and fuzzy
Then just feel my way

Strum gently till I hit the right pitch
Pluck that one note and let it hang in silence
Amplitude is everything
When harmony must be created

Words come without effort or haste
Not forced, never empty
But from a connected heart

I wish I’d set up my guitar that way
And written that song

Is it too late?