Your Gifting will make Room for You

Dianne J. Wilson

I caught the tail-end of a story on the news yesterday. There was a man, a brilliant maths teacher, forced to flee his country because of political unrest. He settled in Jo’burg and tried to find work in his area of expertise. Nobody would hire him as a teacher, but he managed to get a job as a security guard at a school.

So he took the job. He’d set up a chalkboard wherever he was and would teach maths to whoever needed his help. It didn’t take long for the Principal of the school to notice him and his unconventional, but brilliant ways of teaching maths. He has just accepted a post at the school as a maths teacher.

This story gives me goosebumps. Why? Because it is a fact… your gifting will make room for you.

You see it doesn’t matter where you are stuck in life, or how long you’ve been…

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