2016 -What’s the plan?

Got challenged tonight on having a plan, the saying goes “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”

Point taken.

So let’s lay this out:

  1. 5 articles published, 1 fully written by next meeting (mid-feb)
  2. Explore the possibilities of re-visiting my 2 favourite characters
  3. Seek out mags/publications that want good old stories
  4. Stay true to my style – I’m a “pantser”, not planner
  5. Have fun, and give myself permission to write …-

2 thoughts on “2016 -What’s the plan?

    1. Ta Di – still gotta figure out how to get a “network” going tho? Have also now posted my “Wing Walker” story, and posted a link to this blog on my fb page – so let’s see …


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