Hi there

I live in Port Elizabeth, also known as Nelson Mandela Bay – the best city on the East coast of the beautiful and dynamic country of South Africa.

“PE” as we call it, is a wonderful place to visit, or to make your home. It has the advantages of city life – Entertainment, night life, lots of shopping options, an international airport, a university.. But is small enough to not lose yourself.

It is surrounded by the vast natural beauty of Africa, and has all the wild-life, adventure travel and historical points of interest any visitor could hope for.

We’re a mixed up Rainbow bunch down here, and we have an awful amount of work to do to rebuild our country, but one thing is for sure: We don’t get bored much.

S.A’s about as far removed from most of my readership as you can get, but I like to think that gives me a particular world view, almost an outsider looking in?

But, perhaps more importantly, my writing enables me to give you, the reader,

a direct insight into an exciting yet relatively relaxed way of life.


I trust you’ll enjoy what you find here – I’ll love hosting you!!

P.S. For a lighter look at what I’m up to, go to IG Wilson on Facebook


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